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Greetings! Another year is upon us and we're celebrating! The industry has seen a lot of improvements, from pool surface studies to safety awareness. Many new products have also been introduced, enhancing and improving the lives of pool owners worldwide.

We monitor all of these developments carefully. We attend trade shows and educational courses frequently and receive lots of glossy catalogs and flashy brochures. But we also have a unique perspective because we also see those products in operation in your back yards every week. We know what works and what doesn't!

So if you have any questions about your pool, call us and we'll give you an honest assessment. Whenever possible, we try to highlight several options, and if a minor problem can wait or there's a "budget" alternative, we'll tell you.

I pledge to provide honest and reliable service, and as always, advice and estimates are free. I look forward to meeting you!

Kind Regards,

John Lemonds
CEO of Anchor Pool Service, Inc.